Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gearing up for Christmas!

With Christmas coming around the corner its probably a good time to think about where your hard earned cash will go this year. Frivolousness and over-spending are, we can quite safely say, a thing of the past. This mightn't be a bad thing, especially when it comes to buying an instrument. When faced with not having as much disposable income, you're also faced with having to re-think about the quality of the items you buy. That's why, at Everest Music & Piano Centre we stand over every single instrument we put in our shop. It's not just about the quick sale. It's about a long term relationship we hope to build with each and every single customer who leaves our shop with something in their hand.

It also means that we invest time in selecting the better quality instruments out there at the right price. We understand that in today's climate people can lean towards the 'cheapest' option but real value for money comes in a long lasting, better quality instrument that is a joy to play. Not a cheap, catalogue bought guitar thats likely to shred your fingers instead of you shredding it!

This year, why not give your loved ones the best possible chance of staying with their instrument by choosing something they'll not only fall in love with , but that will last them for years to come.

Guitar Packs
Finding great starter guitar packs for your beginning guitarist does not have to be a hassle. At Everest Music we have guitar packs to suit all in stock. From the budget range, starting at €69.99 right up to the solid top guitar pack, we'll have something in store to suit your needs.

Typically, guitar packs are a great choice for any player as they are the all in one answer to the problem of getting someone started with playing the guitar. In general, guitar packs are great value and an excellent way to get a complete beginner started with the instrument.

Check out our range below and for more information please ring 01 2861933

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