Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Everest Music Summer Camp 2016

Well that's another years summer camp done. This year we had over 50 students involved.
So what happens when you put over 50 students who don't know each other and have never played together to form bands in one week? The answer fun, teamwork, some mischief and a lot of great music.

The students formed their own bands and also came together to form a larger orchestra type group. This year saw drums, guitar, vocals, ukulele, piano, flute and clarinet.

We cant thank the students enough for making the 2 weeks an amazing time. To see them form the bands and learn the songs and create their own versions of the songs then rock the final days concert is what makes working in a music shop very special.

We also must thank Kevin MacNamara and Nathan Nicol our resident music teachers who guided the students through it all.

Below are some of the pre show rehearsals, they cant capture the whole ambiance of the week but are a momento, at least, of the bands that were formed and disbanded in the blink of an eye.

See you all next year, Dylan

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