Saturday, July 12, 2014

Everest Music Summer Camp 2014: Week One Update

Everest Music Summer Camp 2014: Week One Update

We had a very productive and fun week of camp here at Everest Music. The students all worked well together to produce a fantastic gig at the end of the week. This gig saw the campers perform together as individual bands and of course as a group. It was an extremely well received performance which the students worked extremely hard for. 

Below you'll find a video of each of the bands performing separately, and then the whole group playing together. The Bands are iBand, Dot Dot ?, and The F-Street Band. We'd like to thank all the campers for coming along and making it so enjoyable for all involved. They truly are a great bunch!

We look forward to meeting the next week of campers, for those of you still interested in participating we have limited places available for the final week of camp. Phone or email us for more details. 

Also, call in store or check our Facebook page for more details of our SUMMER SALE!


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