Friday, July 18, 2014

Everest Music Summer Camp 2014: Week Two Update

Last Monday saw the start of another great week of summer Music Camp here at Everest Music. We were lucky enough to spend the week in the company of some great musicians, who worked extremely hard to produce an astounding end-of-camp gig. Each of the 3 bands performed on the day, with a group performance at the end. We are very proud of all the students from this weeks camp, and encourage them to keep up their good work and practice!

Below you'll find a video of each of the bands performing separately. The Bands are "The Wicked Lizzards", "The Savannas" and "Evil Ice-Cream". We'd like to thank all the campers for coming along and making it so enjoyable for all involved. They truly are a great bunch!

Check out the talent below!

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